CMI’s development ambitions are confirmed. In early 2022, CMI merged with Cepheïd Consulting, a boutique specializing in transitions, to increase its capabilities and expand its strategy consulting offer. Today, the development is directed towards the international market and a bridge to Asia with the acquisition of a stake in Shenkuo, a consultancy with offices in Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

    A multifaceted deal

    If CMI wishes to develop its activities in Asia, the firm intends to do so with a partner who shares its values, namely a culture of tailor-made solutions, expertise, rigor, proximity, and pragmatism.

    Beyond the shared values, this investment will enrich the firm’s overall value proposition, on topics of strategy, organizational transformation and performance. By combining their resources and their complementary sectors of activity, the two firms are increasing their potential, with, for example, the ambition of a strong co-development in the consumer goods sector.

    And if the corporate culture and governance are aligned, the potential of the partnership is multiplied. Craig Morin, Partner at Shenkuo, points out: “We immediately felt a great proximity in values and practices between our two firms, both very attentive to pragmatism and the value delivered. And to give even more substance to this investment, our Paris teams will be physically located on the same premises as CMI. This will also facilitate cross-staffing on our assignments.”

    Nicolas Kandel, President of CMI, adds: “Today, our clients, particularly investment funds, are asking us to be able to act beyond our national borders. This participation marks a necessary first step in our international development.”

    The investment funds and corporates that CMI serves benefit now from an operational gateway in Asia, as well as a dedicated team. The group’s skills are strengthened in terms of both methods and sectors covered, thus facilitating bridges between Europe and Asia.

    About Shenkuo

    Shen Kuo, born in 1031, was a scientist who, amongst other things, invented the concept of True North and the Magnetic Compass. He was also a revolutionary politician who believed that success could only come from team diversity. Shenkuo helps their customer finding their True North, and their route to their strategy, business transformation, and supply chain projects.

    Created in 2015, the Shenkuo team has an international reach in major cities including Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Laurent and Thomas, the two founders, wanted to develop an international footprint and a recognizable way of working. The firm works in two areas: Business acceleration and Business transformation.

    Today, 70% of the assignments carried out by the firm have an international component, on all of Shenkuo’s favourite topics: Strategy, Business Transformation and Supply Chain.

    The firm has 30 staff and operates with a strong ecosystem of geographical and functional partners.

    2022, June 28th