CMI, the reference for investment funds

CMI assists investment funds and companies at all stages of their portfolio management, with a particular accent on SMEs and mid-cap companies.

Although we are non specialised consultants, we have developed specific expertise over the years in the following sectors:

activité private equity midcap CMI

Our pragmatic approach consists of a combination of analytical rigour and field research based on:

  • The development of an investment thesis adapted to each business case
  • A closeness to the management teams of the companies under consideration
  • A strong involvement of partners and directors during the projects especially when the contexts need a constant adaptation of the approach and the research
  • When needed, field consultations with our extensive network of technical experts and consulting firms are deployed both locally and internationally. This includes Spain, with the opening of an office in Madrid this year, the United States, China, Germany, etc.
  • The drafting of reports to support decision making


Before investment operations, we carry out sector-based or targeted “go/no-go studies” to support the sourcing of deals for our clients (for example: research of acquisition targets).

We support investors – mainly Small or Mid Cap Private Equity funds – in evaluating their investment opportunities through strategic due diligence:

  • Analysis of market fundamentals, business drivers and related risks
  • Analysis of the competitive landscape of the company
  • Assessment of the business plan feasibility
  • Evaluation of potential value drivers

We are also involved once the investment has been made, assisting portfolio companies in their diversification strategy, their strategic repositioning or their marketing and sales strategy.

We assist investment funds in the definition and implementation of their exit strategy:

  • Building a coherent and convincing equity story
  • Vendor Due Diligence
  • Preparation of sales process support documents

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