About us


Founded in 1986, CMI is a strategy consulting firm aiming at untangling complex issues. Our challenge : outlining solutions whose straightforwardness and clarity compete with the complexity of the problems to be solved.

Our method is based on three fundamental principles:


We currently advise large corporations, public and private companies, investment funds, organizations of all sizes and types. We support  them in shaping their future and enhancing their performance.

We provide strategic advice on core subject matters: identifying growth opportunities, reversing negative trends, acquiring or selling assets, organizing resources to implement a strategy.

To guide our clients, CMI relies on four major expertise, complementary to one another: strategy, innovation and technology management, organization and transformation and human resources management. CMI’s expertise enhances the strategic approach by which we undertake our clients’ issues.

We add to our expertise the diversity and the synergy of the sectors we work on: Private Equity, Corporate, Health and Public Sector.

It allows us to have a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics specific to both private and public parties. The intellectual and operational agility of consultants at CMI also benefits from such diversity.