Companies in the healthcare sector

CMI is the natural partner for drug and medical device companies

For healthcare companies, changes in the healthcare sector are constantly raising the level of requirements: patient empowerment, new expectations from healthcare professionals, structuring and gradation of patient care from the office to the hospital setting, flat-rate financing of some pathologies, new research models, development of biological and technological innovations, financing of these innovations, regulatory requirements, etc.

These changes have direct or indirect impacts on drug and medical device companies, as well as their service providers or institutions, which are thus confronted with the following questions:

  • What will the ecosystem in which we operate look like in 3 years?
  • What new strategies do we need to implement that integrate these changes?
  • How can we optimize our research and innovation activities?
  • What changes do we need to implement in our organization and in our businesses?
  • What are the levers for growth and profitability for the company?


To provide each actor with relevant strategic answers, to encourage dialogue between divergent points of view and to design solutions for the benefit of all, we provide:

  • A comprehensive and practical view of the healthcare ecosystem (institutions, regulators, and industry),
  • Rigorous analyses with a truthful talk,
  • A recognized expertise in terms of mobilizing stakeholders


Our collaborative approach is strengthened by our operational knowledge of the healthcare industry, as well as our ability to structure and objectify the debates that may arise.

CMI’s fields of intervention

We rely on our detailed and up-to-date knowledge of the healthcare ecosystem to:

  • Share our knowledge and understanding of environmental developments with pharmaceutical companies,
  • Analyze the impact of key developments in the healthcare ecosystem on the strategy of a company in general or in a particular therapeutic area
  • Implement a prospective approach to identify different scenarios for the evolution of the company’s environment
  • New product strategy (including development, regulatory, access and positioning perspectives)
  • Portfolio analysis and resource allocation
  • Development of growth, diversification, or product/service optimization strategies
  • Interventions at the interface between healthcare companies and hospitals or other care structures to optimize the organization of care and the patient journey
  • Strategic marketing and support for the implementation of new approaches dedicated to improving the patient journey
  • Enhancement of the research strategy
  • Optimization of the innovation process
  • Assistance in preparing applications for major calls for projects
  • Studies on research actors and activities in France
  • Internalisation / Outsourcing
  • Organizational design and definition of governance
  • Optimization of structures, operating modes, and processes
  • Development of prospective activities and skills frameworks
  • Structuring and supporting the evolution of existing businesses or the creation of new ones
  • Conception, coordination and support of innovation management processes
  • Conducting due diligence for sale and purchase for private equity funds on investments in the healthcare sector, in particular on the segments of medical device, healthcare software, imaging and sterilization equipment, private practice, dependency care providers, and clinics
  • Supporting portfolio companies of investment funds on strategic and operational issues such as the definition of the strategic plan, the analysis of growth levers, the elaboration of the acquisition strategy, the review of the commercial strategy, the optimization of profitability, etc

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