CMI works alongside directors to define their strategic projects

For more than 30 years, CMI has guided leaders of both corporate and public institutions (clusters, unions, professional networks etc.) in the management of strategic issues.

Experienced partners and directors allow CMI to offer a large range of strategic advisory projects:

  • Strategic due diligences
  • Coaching leaders in their national and international development plans.
  • Implementing innovative and technology strategies and the support of a digital transformation.

Regardless of company size (MNE, ISE, SME) CMI provides a tailor-made support that combines rigour, efficiency and quality.

Standing on solid foundations of experience and an interdisciplinary approach to management, CMI holds a strong expertise on a large range of sectors. CMI relies on a pragmatic approach engrained in each of its employees despite hierarchical levels. Leaders in the private and public realms acknowledge the firm’s added-value.


CMI supports the increasing merge and acquisition operations of its clients.

CMI is currently expanding its M&A expertise by helping our clients screen the potential acquisition targets, for instance. CMI supports its clients in the strategic analysis of their priority target and the subsequent negotiation with the vendor.


CMI advises start-up companies as well !

Due to our long collaboration with investment funds, CMI has been able to support start-ups in their fundraising strategies. CMI’s intervention entails business plan building and the structuring documentation on the strat-up’s major strategic milestones.

CMI’s scope of intervention

Carrying out a strategic diagnosis, CMI identifies the differentiating elements of a company’s market position:

  • Analysis of the company’s skills vis-à-vis industry leaders and competitors
  • Acquiring customer insights
  • Discussion with the management team
  • Clarification of the company’s position on the value chain

At each step of a company’s lifecycle, its development issues are different in nature. CMI supports leaders in defining their strategic plan:

  • In-depth study of diversification priorities
  • Support in structuring a business plan after screening internal and external growth opportunities
  • Thorough analysis of the market and competition 
  • Identification of a potential customer base to boost external growth

CMI benefits from an ever-expanding partnership network comprising companies in Europe, Asia and North America. CMI thus support leaders in their international development: new market entry, provider procurement, consumer market studies…

CMI supports sales director in strengthening the efficiency of their sales teams:

  • Sales structuring and expertise sharing
  • Customer targeting and setting up a large account approach 
  • Sales solutions
  • Team incentive systems and good practices from competitors
  • Benchmarking the best sales channels in the industry

CMI supports companies in defining their most efficient pricing approach and strategy in B2B and B2C due to a thorough analysis of their industry positioning, clients’ expectations and an industry benchmark.

CMI delivers a ‘price argument’ for management to organize their value offer on the market.

CMI supports company leaders and R&D directors in their innovation and technology strategy:

  • The launching of new products 
  • Encouraging innovation in both internal processes and the overall economic model.
  • Technology partnership strategy 
  • Setting up a digital strategy

In light of its interdisciplinary expertise, CMI supports leaders in the transformation of their organization from evolution to a complete restructuring . CMI advises on change management providing original solutions.

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