Companies in the agribusiness sector

CMI advises managers of companies in the agribusiness sector

At CMI, we work closely with business leaders, and we are specialists in innovation strategy and management. With more than 30 years of experience working with a range of companies in the agribusiness industry, we have developed an approach that combines strategy, innovation and operational experience. Our objective is to sustainably improve the performance of companies by assisting them in defining and implementing their growth and innovation strategies, in “sprint mode” if necessary.


Our approach:

  • A complete strategic consulting solution based on a combination of advisory and operational expertises
  • A tailor-made methodology that can address general and very specific issues
  • An approach systematically integrating a business and technical diagnosis of the organisation in order to identify the conditions for an effective implementation of action plans.
  • A systematic co-development with our clients
  • A strong involvement of partners and directors during the projects


Alain Tapie joins CMI as a partner

After more than 30 years working in General Management, Marketing and Sales Management in the food industry, Alain Tapie joined CMI in January 2020. His goal is to help agribusiness managers to sustainably improve the performance of their companies. His operational expertise completes CMI’s agribusiness expertise and reinforces CMIS’s signature strategic approach.


During a strategic diagnosis, CMI identifies the company’s key elements: (i.e. the company’s strengths and weaknesses):

  • Tailored analysis of market dynamics, business drivers and competitors
  • Evaluation of the offer’s positioning in the value chain
  • Analysis of the company’s strengths compared to competitors
  • Customer feedback collection
  • Assessment of potential value creation drivers and business performance
  • Selection of the scope
  • Screening of growth levers according to the selected scope (sales channels and distribution models, sales organisation, pricing strategy, etc.).
  • Translation into a business plan and operational roadmap
  • Collaborative co-construction approach with client teams
  • Analysis of the existing innovation pipeline
  • Analysis of product and technology expertise, processes, “innovation culture” and innovation barriers
  • In-depth comprehension of consumer needs
  • Definition of the innovation strategy in line with the strategic platform of the company and its objectives
  • Internalisation / Outsourcing
  • Support during the ideation and prioritisation
  • Methodological support for the emergence of strategic innovations
  • Support for the strategic prioritisation of the innovation portfolio
  • Prototyping
  • Conception, coordination and support of innovation management processes
  • Support for client teams during implementation
  • Follow-up of action plans
  • Support from experts
  • Specific analyses and investigations