Our partners

Philippe BASSOT

Phillipe is in charge of the Public Strategy expertise at CMI. He advises public actors in the definition of intervention plans enhancing territories and companies’ competitivity. He has gained significant experience in the definition and construction of structuring projects entailing public-private partnerships. He is also working on the evaluation of public policies’ performance in the fields of economic development, innovation, research and higher education.  He is a graduate of Institut Supérieur de Gestion de Paris (multinational cycle).

François DELAY

François Delay is in charge of the Human resources management activity at CMI. He develops the business of training, study and consulting with different organizations from the public and the private sectors. He support senior managers in defining their human resources strategy approach: provisional planning, skills management, HR function organization…  He is a graduate from Ecole Centrale Paris and holds an MSC from Berkeley University.


Thomas is the founder of CMI. He assists companies’ leaders in the preparation and implementation of their decisions. He is a specialist of strategic analysis of competitive positionning, development project and organizational change. He guides clients through issues related to innovation, technology strategy and organizational skills management. Thomas Durand is also a professor at CNAM (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers) where he runs the Management – Innovation – Prospective department. He is a graduate of Ecole Centrale Paris, holds a Certificate of Further Education in Economics from Paris I University as well as a PhD from UW-Madison. He has been a professor at Centrale Paris for over 30 years.

François FARHI

François Farhi is in charge of the Organization and transformation activity at CMI; he leads the Health expertise, one field of application of his activity. He is a specialist of organizational structure and operational performance issues. He advises his clients in the accomplishment and implementation of organizational diagnoses, in process optimization and organizational change management. François has a Certificate of Further Education in Space and Environment Economics from Institut Universitaire d’Etude of Geneva and a Master in Economy Politics from Paris I University.


Nicolas KANDEL

Nicolas is in charge of the corporate strategy expertise. He created the Private Equity activity at CMI. He advises his clients in building their strategic project, new offers’ launch or competitive strategies. Nicolas is also a specialist of Innovation Management : R&D strategy, technology plan building, innovation marketing. He is a senior lecturer at Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées where he teaches about technology and innovation management. Nicolas is a engineer graduate of AgroParisTech and holds a Certificate of Further Education of Industrial Engineering from Ecole Centrale Paris.



Julie Koeltz graduated from Audencia Business School and Sorbonne University in International Economics. As an associate director at CMI, Julie Koeltz runs the consulting firm activities related to the fields of Higher Education and Research. She advises Ministries and research organizations, local authorities, innovation centers, universities, business and engineering schools, hospitals, technology parks… on the conception and evaluation of public policies, the strategic development and management of large-scale projects, the organization and governance of higher education, research and innovation. Her fields of expertise include research, valuation and transfer of technology, higher education, innovation and growth ecosystems at both local and national levels entailing public and private actors. Before joining CMI, Julie Koeltz worked for several years for the European Commission. She adviced institutions on the definition and evaluation of European policies and governance systems in the fields of Research and Innovation.



Marc is in charge of the Health industries expertise for CMI. He helps pharmaceutical and medical device companies in solving their issues related to Strategy or Innovation management. He also advises these actors in defining and implementing the transformation of their organizations or professions to successfully plan their future.  His experience in the health sector is cross-cutting: 3 years in fundamental research, 18 years in operational or leading position in pharmaceutical companies and 8 years of consulting for companies and institutions in the field. He is a graduate of Ecole Centrale Paris and holds a PhD in Biochemistry.

Our Team

At CMI, all employees are driven by the taste for challenge and self improvement during their projects with clients but also within the firm to support its ambitions and improve the daily life. To keep our standards high, we rely on a friendly and united work atmosphere where everyone communicates freely regardless of the expertise or level of hierarchy.