CMI has defined an ambitious development project given the strong growth foreseen in each of our activities. As means of coping with this novel demand, we are planning to recruit 10 consultants between September 2017 and June 2018.

Our Values

  • Strictness

  • Loyalty and ethics

  • Unity and commitment

  • Pragmatism

  • Innovative and cross-cutting approaches

Our convictions



« Enhancing our strategy advisory proposition by working closely together with higher education institutions and research sector »

« Guiding organizations from the private, public or parapublic sector »

« Counting on the entrepreneur profile of our consultants »

« Fostering empathy and curiosity to make our clients’ issues our own »

« Connecting analytical potential to strong intuitive skills »

« Seeking, in unusual situations, innovative ways of action »

Our commitments

Beyond the high quality that we commit to in every project, CMI is committed to be socially and environmentally responsible within and outside the company.

We therefore work by a transparency policy among our teams. Transparency when it comes to our revenues and major achievements as when it regards our areas of opportunity. Being transparent means being responsible towards our teams and respecting the work and energy invested in CMI.

CMI acts on its operations’ impact on the environment. We are well aware of the carbon footprint we leave on this planet. It is our duty as a company to implement simple procedures to reduce such impacts. We have therefore decided to promote soft means of transportation like biking and electric car packages for our employees. Environment-friendly products and develop a recycling policy within our company (paper, coffee caps…).

« Pro-bono » projects also enhance our will to be responsible. We commit to causes or subjects we collectively believe in and that appear important to us. We provide strategy advisory pro-bono for organizations working on causes our consultants strongly support “