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CODEX Partners is a leading strategy consulting firm serving investors, entrepreneurs and top managers in strategy, transaction, and transformation in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Founded in 2000 in Munich by former Bain-Consultants Clemens Beickler and Dr. Ruediger Maass, CODEX Partners covers the sectors IT/Technology, Healthcare, Industrials, Services and Consumer Goods. Since its foundation, CODEX Partners has successfully completed more than 600 projects.


Within the strategic cooperation, CMI and CODEX Partners will work together as independent consulting firms across sectors and functions, such that clients can benefit from the strengths of both companies, particularly in international projects.

There is a strong foundation for joining our forces. We, CMI and CODEX Partners, share a strong common culture of analytical rigor and innovation, and we are committed to the concrete nature of the solutions which we offer to clients.


Together, CMI and CODEX Partners will combine experiences of more than 1.000 projects and provide comprehensive coverage of international markets.

We are looking forward to jointly serving clients across regions, functions and industries.